Backup and File Sharing

Ongoing backup — every time a file changes

Unlike traditional solutions, which only back-up on a set schedule, Lucas IT backs up your files in real time, every time a change is made. Every file version is stored for a duration set by administrators to ensure you can easily recover from any past point in time.

All backed-up files are instantly accessible from virtually any web, PC, Mac or mobile device. So if your computer is lost or stolen, you have instant access to all your key files. Compare that to traditional backup, where it takes hours or days to download and restore files that are stored in the cloud.


Backed-up files can easily be restored using Lucas IT in case of hard drive crashes, lost or stolen laptops, accidental deletion or mass file infection. Use our restore feature to bring back your files from the exact time and date you want. You can even restore deleted files. And if you’re an IT administrator, you can restore any file from a centralized console.

Real-time Backup


Real-time file backup & point-in-time restore for PCs and Macs • Protects files & enables business continuity during ransomware outbreaks

Syncing, sharing and collaboration


Access, edit and share files from any desktop or mobile device • Simple and intuitive • Powerful admin controls


At-rest and in-transit encryption • Remote wipe capabilities • 99.999% uptime guarantee


Admin visibility and control includes audit logs, one-click deployment for Lucas IT customers, and other management features.

Learn more on how Lucas IT can protect your data.

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