Your Mobile Web

Lucas IT website on laptopToday’s website absolutely needs to be mobile friendly. How many times have you pulled a website up on your phone only to have to use your thumb or finger to slide it around because the website didn’t “fit” the screen correctly. How many times do you pull up a website only to find that it doesn’t load correctly and you are just presented with a endless loading screen. These scenarios are just taking the end user into account, not to mention the untold missed opportunities for your business to grow.

You, as a website owner, want to take advantage of every possible way to be reached in the cloud. ( Internet ). Today’s customer has changed.. you have people on the go that often want to find out more about you, and your services, or products that you provide. With smartphones, and tablets taking precedence over laptops and desktops, Why should a potential customer have to wait to get back to the office or home to learn more about your business. Take advantage now by making sure your current website is able to be utilized with mobile devices. Lucas IT website shown on tablet

When a website is designed and implemented correctly, it should be 100% usable via mouse, and or a finger for touch. Page elements of the website should cascade, or “stack” as the page loads so it makes use of the screen that you are viewing it on. Many times, our clients ask us to keep the website they have.. they are happy with it, and many times they have spent good money to make it look and work the way they want. We understand that. There is a way for us to engineer it so when the website is loaded, it can “sniff” what type of device is loading it then load the correct HTML for the device. So in essence, if a laptop is loading your website, it will load your desktop version ( the one you have now ). If a iPad or smartphone loads it, it will load the mobile version.. all this happens “automagicly” without the user knowing it.


We would like to make use of our website as an example. View it on your desktop or laptop, then visit us from any smartphone or tablet.

We are not trying to sell you a brand new website, we just want the opportunity to work with you on making sure it takes complete advantage of the mobile web.

Let Lucas IT put your website “in touch” with the rest of the world today!! Call 409-457-8245 or click here for a quote today!!